Event Tips

8th February 2016


Identify your organisation’s top priorities for your next show. Plan and set measurable and achievable objectives. Consider the specific trade show, attendees, and your allocated resources. Focus the marketing campaign on meeting your goals.


Use catchy colors, lighting, outfits and images. Create palpable buzz by using enthusiastic professional staff that will engage and excite attendees. Move guests with excitement or giveaways. Motion and excitement attracts people. People will be drawn magnetically to find out what is going on so make sure you have plenty of staff available to meet your customers. People gather where crowds congregate.


Create a brief questionnaire. Hand out nice premiums to qualified prospects. Tie in desirable gifts with theme. Invite Attendees to win prizes via educational games while promoting your brand.


Do not simply look at the costs of an event but the opportunities. One additional gained client could mean thousands of extra dollars in revenue. One lost client due to lack of interaction or not capturing their contact info could mean thousands of dollars lost. Collect contact info and follow up instead of handing out expensive printed material. Use handouts sparingly, try collecting e-mail addresses and following up with digital brochures.


By far, the biggest complaint of tradeshow attendees is lack of follow up. Instituting an effective follow-up plan is a sure-fire way to beat the competition. Create a tri-pronged follow-up plan for success. Send letter, fax, or e-mail confirming areas of interest within 3 days. Call qualified leads to further identify requirements in 10-14 days. Follow-up based on prospect’s needs


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