There has to be a better way video?

November 12, 2016

Do you often require staff for events? Then you know how time consuming and overwhelming it can be to find, organize, screen and hire quality candidates. You suddenly have to drop everything and start the painful process of posting your jobs online and contacting multiple agencies. There has to be a better way, a way to step back from this task but still have total control?

Well, now there is! National Event Staffing is a full service job posting website that connects you with over 40,000 staff USA and Canada. Just hand us your jobs and watch your qualified applicants roll in, normally in just 24-48 hours! It’s quick, easy, saves you serious time, and the best part, no more email overload, our staff apply to your jobs in our system providing a streamlined and stress free hiring process. With over 15 years in the business we really know our stuff and we are always happy to help!

Scroll down the page and watch our video to see how our system works to save you time and money everyday USA & Canada!


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“I would like to take this opportunity to commend the event staff you provided for their professionalism and hard work… Your event staff, promotional models and brand ambassadors went above and beyond the call and it definitely made our job easier.”


“I had the great opportunity to work at the Baby Time Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre this Weekend through National Event Staffing. This promotion provided a great rate of pay and cash bonuses based on performance. I would highly recommend National Event Staffing to anyone interested in promotional work!”


“We used to work with multiple agencies to accomplish our National programs. This was frustrating, time consuming and costly. We were pleased to find National Event Staffing as we can now accomplish all of our National and local programs with one company with just one call!”


“I’ve been with National Event Staffing for 5 years and have had nothing but positive experiences with the company. They’ve always been extremely dependable and professional. There is never any miscommunication, or mistakes which often happens with other companies. I always jump at the opportunity to work with National Event Staffing!”


“We have found the event staff provided by National Event Staffing to be totally professional and extremely effective at closing sales and building the programs membership base.”


“I worked a Medical Convention through National Event Staffing representing Boston Scientific! It was a very professional event & the people I was working for were very nice, considerate of our needs, and allowed for a good experience. I was booked a month in advance which is very helpful in planning my life.”


“National Event Staffing’s excellent staffing services definitely contributed to the success of our annual Conference. The event staff learned their duties quickly, were competent, dependable and service oriented. I believe National Event Staffing made the difference!”


“National Event Staffing is perfect! They have the best kind of promotional events. I had the most amazing time working for a marketing company inside Google Headquarters! That was pretty unbelievable and I am so thankful. Looking forward to work again with you guys.”