7th August 2016
16th May 2024

Event Legacies: Two Case Studies Reveal Path to Success

In-person events have been in recovery for over a year now, and the industry continues to gain ground. Recent data from...

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25th April 2024

Venue Floor Plans May Put Events at Risk

Creating a successful event is an intricate process. A venue layout or floor plan is essential to mapping out a...

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2nd March 2024

How Compression is Reshaping the Meetings Industry

The meetings and events industry often mirrors workplace trends. Many companies have adopted remote work policies, and this is making...

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2nd February 2024

Are Keynote Presentations Headed to Extinction?

The events industry needs a game plan to engage and attract next-generation participants because keynote presentations fall short of the...

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4th January 2024

Event Tech News Roundup – January 2024

As we start the second month of 2024, we look back at the latest news in the event technology selector....

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8th December 2023

Ignoring Networking Can Sabotage Your Event’s Success

The primary reasons people attend events are to have fun, to network, and to do business. Attendees view networking as...

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8th November 2023

Events That Forge Emotional Connections Yield the Greatest Impact

Events that focus on emotional connections spark conversation and foster brand loyalty. By weaving emotional threads into the fabric of...

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20th October 2023

15 Ideas To Collect Feedback At Events

Make sure to hire great staff from National Event Staffing. Go to: Check how to collect feedback from attendees...

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25th September 2023

Mental Health Crisis Amongst Event Planners Is Real

A global pandemic. Heart-wrenching scenes coming out of Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion. An unstable job market. Skyrocketing inflation....

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20th August 2023

4 Ways Storytelling Can Make Your Event Experience Come to Life

It’s no secret that event planners are experiencing more pressure than ever to apply the hottest marketing trends to their...

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