7th August 2016
17th July 2021

Unbundling Events: Why It Won’t Be Easy

Virtual events lack the perks of in-person events; by unbundling them, we may be creating unattractive packages that lack emotional...

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12th June 2021

The Event Tech Market Has Changed Forever. Where Does It Go From Here?

Event tech is currently surging in response to an anomalous increase in demand, but with so much uncertainty about what...

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5th May 2021

Events Are Not Dead, But They Need to Change

Skift CEO Rafat Ali published a piece last week on how the event industry is facing its Napster moment. Is...

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12th April 2021

Do We Really Need to Stay 6 Feet Apart at Events?

Social distancing has been both the crux of Covid-19 safety measures and the single biggest bane to events, but new...

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12th March 2021

5 Factors to Consider Before Cancelling Your Event

The coronavirus pandemic has affected virtually every event scheduled after Q1 of 2020, and has forced many to cancel. But...

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12th February 2021

Are You Ready for Post-Lockdown Events? Here Is What They Look Like

Business events are making a timid comeback with a whole new set of rules and recommendations from international and local...

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3rd January 2021

The Future of Events Is Definitely Hybrid: What Will They Look Like?

There is one question on the minds of event professionals looking at getting back to live events, what will hybrid...

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12th December 2020

How Revenge Attending Could Help Events Bounce Back

After months in lockdown, many will flock back to events. Will revenge attending save the event industry from the deepest...

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12th November 2020

How to Maintain your Business Events’ Cash Flow

As the coronavirus pandemic persists, many planners find themselves struggling as events are postponed into the fall. But they're also...

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12th October 2020

The Event Industry Will Remember

While communities are rallying together to defeat the COVID-19 outbreak, there are also a number of companies enforcing unjustified layoffs,...

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