7th August 2016
9th February 2022

9 Travel Trends Impacting Events Right Now

Business Travel May Never Recover to 2019 Levels “We stand to lose 20 to 25 percent of international business travel...

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17th January 2022

Top Event Tech Priorities and Pain Points for Planners in 2022

Event planners may be more familiar with event tech than ever, but the rapid pace of innovation means that tech...

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11th December 2021

Why Omicron Won’t Undo All the Progress on Covid-19 for Events

The recent emergence of Omicron, a new Covid variant of concern, has sent shockwaves through global markets and led to...

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27th November 2021

9 Key Stats That Define the Event Industry Right Now

With in-person events taking place right now across the United States and Europe, it's important to monitor the current opportunities...

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30th October 2021

Best Practices for Vaccination and Testing Requirements at Events

With constantly changing guidelines and inconsistent government mandates, handling Covid-19 testing and vaccination requirements at live events is a complex...

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12th September 2021

Your Hybrid Event Team Checklist

Event planners are navigating a new frontier of delivering successful hybrid events. But what mix of technical and creative expertise...

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29th August 2021

Live Exhibitions Are Returning, Helped by Virtual: New Research

Encouraging vaccine rollouts have exhibition event organizers in many areas determined to go back onsite. However, they’ll need exhibitors on...

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7th August 2021

How Can the Events Industry Forge a Gender Equal World?

US Government data from 2018 states the role of “meeting, convention and event planners” to be 79.5% female and 20.5%...

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17th July 2021

Unbundling Events: Why It Won’t Be Easy

Virtual events lack the perks of in-person events; by unbundling them, we may be creating unattractive packages that lack emotional...

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12th June 2021

The Event Tech Market Has Changed Forever. Where Does It Go From Here?

Event tech is currently surging in response to an anomalous increase in demand, but with so much uncertainty about what...

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