Events That Forge Emotional Connections Yield the Greatest Impact

Events that focus on emotional connections spark conversation and foster brand loyalty. By weaving emotional threads into the fabric of an event, organizers can cultivate an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary. That’s the crux of findings from research carried out by Encore, the event production and technology giant. It has been studying how expectations at events are shifting.

Here are three principles from their findings.

1. Immersive Technology Helps Create Emotional Connection

According to Encore, 93% of planners are likely to use technology to engage attendees. In addition, 85% believe that immersive experiences foster greater attendee engagement. Approximately 83% think immersive experience technology helps with event return on investment.

“How we use technology for a more human-centric approach, through personalization, connection, and belonging, is what we call designing for impact,” Tara Higgins, SVP of Commercial for Encore, says.

2. Designing Engaging Events Doesn’t Have to Cost a Great Deal of Money

When asked about production elements, planners find the most value in the creation of engaging environments. Almost two-thirds (61%) cited basic lighting elements, including stage lighting, gobos, and LED up lighting. Approximately 52% are using LED walls, monitors, or totems.

“These insights illustrate that simple production additions can dramatically transform an event environment. While some may think that an immersive or engaging event is something that requires only cutting-edge technology innovations or only the biggest budgets, there is a wealth of creative possibilities available with the technology readily at our disposal,” says Annette Moody, SVP of Production, Encore.

3. Digital Technologies Throughout the Experience

Furthermore, experience design is moving away from viewing digital technologies as a complement to booth space. It places greater importance on the transitional spaces in the physical world.

Approximately 32% of global attendees say ‘connecting me with others’ is one of the top things they look for in events.

Furthermore, curating engagement opportunities in the in-between spaces and within an event environment can allow the use of technology to both bring people together and create space to rest and reset.

In addition, the research serves as a guide for how Encore will design events going forward. “One of the defining insights that impacted attitudes in all areas of life was that 69% of global adults believe humanness — seeking to connect with real people — is an extremely or very important personal value. How we approach delivering on connections and acknowledging our humanness through events is key to the future,” said Higgins.

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