Are Keynote Presentations Headed to Extinction?

The events industry needs a game plan to engage and attract next-generation participants because keynote presentations fall short of the proverbial mark.  “When a company CEO is up there peddling their business, that’s when a disconnect happens,” says Alex Merry, a public speaking and presentation coach and founder of MicDrop, a place for leaders using public[…]

Event Tech News Roundup – January 2024

As we start the second month of 2024, we look back at the latest news in the event technology selector. It was a busy month for many companies, with new brands, products, partnerships, features, and even top-level leadership changes announced. Here’s a closer look at the biggest event technology news of the previous month. RebrandingAllseated[…]

Ignoring Networking Can Sabotage Your Event’s Success

The primary reasons people attend events are to have fun, to network, and to do business. Attendees view networking as most valuable when they can exchange ideas with peers, meet new people, and speak with industry experts who may otherwise be out of reach.  According to the latest Freeman Trends Report, speaking with experts is the[…]

Events That Forge Emotional Connections Yield the Greatest Impact

Events that focus on emotional connections spark conversation and foster brand loyalty. By weaving emotional threads into the fabric of an event, organizers can cultivate an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary. That’s the crux of findings from research carried out by Encore, the event production and technology giant. It has been studying how expectations at[…]

15 Ideas To Collect Feedback At Events

Make sure to hire great staff from National Event Staffing. Go to: Check how to collect feedback from attendees below: Understanding how your attendees are feeling about your brand or event is essential. It helps in improving user experience for the future. The more constructive feedback, the better. No feedback is bad feedback. It[…]

Mental Health Crisis Amongst Event Planners Is Real

A global pandemic. Heart-wrenching scenes coming out of Ukraine as Russia continues its invasion. An unstable job market. Skyrocketing inflation. Controversial Supreme Court rulings. Stress is at unprecedented levels, according to the American Psychological Association (APA). “Americans have been doing their best to persevere over these past two tumultuous years, but data suggests we’re now[…]

4 Ways Storytelling Can Make Your Event Experience Come to Life

It’s no secret that event planners are experiencing more pressure than ever to apply the hottest marketing trends to their own industry. Taking a page from experiential marketing, event planners are expected to deliver an unforgettable experience. What’s the magic ingredient? What makes you want to keep watching a movie or continue playing an immersive[…]

How Offsite Venues Can Take Your Event to the Next Level

The most fundamental rule of real estate can be just as important for events: location, location, location. An event’s host city can play a pivotal role in attracting attendees. Most event planners will choose a city based on reputation, and then select one of its major hotels or convention centers to satisfy all their venue[…]

Live Exhibitions Are Returning, Helped by Virtual: New Research

Encouraging vaccine rollouts have exhibition event organizers in many areas determined to go back onsite. However, they’ll need exhibitors on board. Against a backdrop of new variants and virtual alternatives, will they come back? Here’s what the data says. Trade shows have had a rough go of virtual, forcing many sponsors and exhibitors to re-evaluate[…]

Engagement Ideas for Your Next Business Event

From hands-on analog to cutting-edge digital, here are successful engagement ideas garnered from the show floor of the Experiential Marketing Summit that should be in every meeting professional’s toolbox. The recent Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) lived and breathed engagement, the engine behind impactful business-to-business events. The industry’s key players continuously seek innovative ways to deliver[…]