This is Why You Need an Event Staffing Agency

Posted May 2, 2020 by National Event Staffing
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Outsourcing event staffing can positively impact your marketing event, and thus your business. An event staffing agency removes the burden of recruiting, screening, onboarding, training, and day-of staff management. This allows your team to focus on developing your brand presence and executing your event on a high-level. An event staffing agency specializes in providing exceptional staff. These people are professional brand ambassadors. They have experience and understand the best ways to capture and maintain the attention of attendees and passers-by.

With an event staffing company, you are hiring trained advocates to promote and sell your work. Here are seven key areas in which a staffing partnership can make a dramatic difference in achieving your marketing goals.

1. Time.

As the saying goes, time is money. Hiring reliable and talented event staff is a large and important undertaking. You need to recruit the best people, find time to interview them, select the best candidates, and go through hiring and training. It is tedious work that requires expertise and an understanding of what a person needs to know to succeed in an event environment. An event staffing agency has the talent, time, and resources to find the right people for your needs. They also has the experience needed to understand employment laws and compliance.

2. Planning.

As with finding the right staff, carrying out every single detail in an event consumes a lot of time. An event staffing partner is your right hand. They take on the stress of tracking, training, and managing event staff so you can focus on your brand. Without someone in charge of managing the event, you can be inundated with issues:

  • “Did so and so show up yet?”
  • “How will we replace the sick staff member at the last minute?”
  • “Where did we store the flyers?”
  • “It the event footprint properly setup?”
  • “Did you log the right amount of hours?”
  • “Why are you wearing that?”
  • “Did we capture data from the event?”
  • “What happens now that a staff member injured himself onsite?”

Events can be unpredictable, and critical issues add up fast. Remove those burdens from your team and hand them off to someone who has the training to deliver a smooth and successful event experience.

3. Connections.

You might try to recruit and hire your own event staff. It’s as easy as popping an ad online, right? Wrong. Sure, you might get a large response from people looking for work. But, chances are, they are not the right people with the expertise to sell your brand and connect with attendees. An event staffing agency already has a strong network of connections in place. They can reach out to proven professional event staff at a moment’s notice. And, even better, often those connections are already screened. You will have staff that are dedicated to promoting your brand and are equipped to achieve your goals.

4. Engagement.

Event staffing agencies train their staff to engage with consumers in a way that provides the most impact. The staff they provide are outgoing, excited about your product, and knowledgeable about how to enhance the customer experience. You likely are not able to personally connect with attendees during your event. An event staffing agency gives you the next best thing, and provides professionals who will create a positive and lasting experience for your customers.

5. Reliability and Professionalism.

When you hire an event staffing agency, you are paying for reliability. If someone cancels last minute, the agency has a backup ready to jump in at a moments notice. This kind of responsiveness is much more difficult to achieve if you are going it alone. When your event is understaffed consumers may not have their needs met. And a poor initial interaction can result in lasting discontentment with your brand. When you have reliable staff, you add a level of professionalism that can make all the difference in your event’s success. An event staffing agency’s sole focus is providing you and your guests with a exceptional experience. A bad experience for your brand is a reflection on their services, so the stakes are high for them, too.

6. Flexibility.

An event staffing agency provides you with immense flexibility. Whether you need a simple clean up crew, a year-long sales team, or seasonal staffers, they’ve got your event covered from start to finish. There is no need to maintain event teams when you don’t need them, and you are able to access specialized staff for specific job duties.

Hiring an event staffing agency is an investment in your business. You don’t want mediocre staff that don’t care about your brand. You want people that are loyal, motivated, energetic, and competent. The people that first come into contact with new leads and prospective clients are the face of your brand. If a potential client or customer has a good first impression, it is more likely they will build a lasting relationship with your company. You have a tremendous amount to gain by hiring an event staffing agency for your next event.

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