What Does A Client Look For?

Posted August 7, 2016 by National Event Staffing
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What does a client look for when hiring Event Staff for their jobs?

Have you applied for jobs but our clients never select you?
Wondering what our clients are really looking for when choosing staff?

Here are some great tips that will help you get hired!

1. Someone Who Will Represent Their Brands Image

Clients want someone who will be in line with the current image, brand, or marketing campaign for the products and services they are trying to promote or sell.

Event staff are very often hired to open up a line of communication with potential customers. They will choose someone who will do more than just smile and answer questions. They need someone who will be the face of their brand and he/she should help them build new relationships with their potential customers.

2. Staff With A Complete And Up To Date Profile Page

Is all your info filled in correctly in your profile page? Have you uploaded at least one amazing, current and professional photo into your account?  Have you taken the time to add 5 additional professional photos? Are you updating your profile page regularly to keep it current?

3. Someone Who Can Offer Special Skills

Is your profile page filled in correctly? Do you have your first language and second language listed? Do you have all of your previous work experiences selected? Have you reflected some of your previous job titles in your photos to show the various types of projects you have been involved with? Log Into Your Account Now and then click to edit your profile to ensure everything is setup correctly!

Clients will sometimes be looking for people with particular previous experience such as sales, marketing, registration or project management.  They will ask you during your initial conversation with them

If our client selects you for the job you will immediately be provided with their business info, contact name, email, phone number, and website.  Before your first conversation with the client you should research their business and brand and have a good knowledge about their products and services so that you can speak professionally with them giving them the confidence that you will do a great job educating their customers at the event you’ve been hired to work.

4. Someone Who Has Worked In the Same Field Before

It’s always quick and easy for clients to hire staff with experience in their field or industry because this requires less training for them and a quick fit to the overall project. Ensure your experience is listed correctly by Logging Into Your Account Page and choosing to edit your profile.

5. A Great Attitude Comes First

Of course you must be presentable and polished and professional, that is important but personality and experience should also be part of your package. Statistically speaking, event staff that were hired simply to look great are less likely to produce the results clients require and that is why they are always looking for the complete package, professional and polished.

We hope this info will help you to get more jobs more often and we look forward to working with you soon and connecting you with our fantastic clients USA and Canada!