Navigating Your Events in Light of Covid-19

With a number of COVID-19 outbreaks on the rise, it’s important to us that you know our team is dedicated to supporting you and your organization. We will get through this together and our team is here to make sure you are ready for the future.

As a staffing firm, we understand your team, clients, and workforce are feeling the brunt of the uncertainty – the industries we serve can’t always just “go remote.” We are doing our best to help mitigate your losses where we can and proactively planning resources for programs that are being deferred.

For our own team, we are taking logical precautions. We continue to have the processes and tools in place to deliver you the best outcomes and support. Our team is 100% on board and committed to delivering our typical high-level service for those activations that are ongoing.

As you consider how to navigate your planned events, here are some tips to ensure the health and safety of your attendees, sponsor and team members.

#1 Stay Aware of Public Health Notifications

With travel bans and gathering size restrictions constantly evolving, be aware of your attendees’ restrictions and where/if they are quarantined. Monitor updates from local and global public health authorities to ensure your organization is aware of the most up-to-date information.

#2 Communicate With the Attendees

Attendees will want to know if you have taken your event online, if it’s been postponed or if it’s canceled all together. Be sure to provide timely, accurate updates about your plan, the measures you are taking to keep everyone healthy and safe, as well as a way for people to ask questions. This may include an FAQ on your website or email communications.

#3 Consider Cancellation Policies

No matter what adjustments you have to make to your event, it’s likely there will be attendee and sponsor cancellations. Determine what your policy will be for refunds or credits. Also, be prepared with a follow up value-add to pass along so that individuals will be motivated to participate in future events you host.

#4 Plan for Health and Hygiene

Eventually, your live events will resume, and you’ll want to be prepared to make everyone feel comfortable and safe. The best way will be to make hygiene resources readily available. Health and hygiene will be extremely important to your sponsor, attendees and team members when your event takes place. Be sure to provide abundant resources, such as hand sanitizer stations, wipes and tissues. Monitor your venue’s cleaning practices and communicate them to your audience.

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