How to make BIG MONEY using your own videos

Posted February 8, 2019 by National Event Staffing
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Who says you can’t make money using your own live/recorded videos? Monetizing them has never been this easy! Uscreen offers the leading all-in-one platform for video monetization—and you can start earning money with just a few clicks. Now, why do you need Uscreen to help you monetize your videos? Here are a few reasons:

#1 Keep 100% of your sales!

Select the Uscreen plan that works for you, pay a flat monthly subscription fee, with zero revenue share.

#2 Create a video website fast

Get everything you need—and complete control—to quickly build a profit-generating subscription VOD service.

#3 Provide the ultimate customer experience

Uscreen makes it easy for you to build a beautiful video on demand service without a steep learning curve or any coding knowledge. 

#4 Create a community

Inspire your customers to become active members of your community with individual profiles, avatars, and discussion groups. 

#5 Own your brand

You’ll find it’s easy to customize everything about your site and OTT apps to present customers with a consistent, branded look and feel.

What are you waiting for? Get started now!

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