How to Run a Successful Event Marketing Team

Posted October 30, 2018 by National Event Staffing
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Event marketers know how important it is to have the right team by your side. Choosing the right event marketing team can determine whether your event will be a success or a failure. Plus, working with a team of people you enjoy is just plain fun.

But, if you have gone through the process of putting together a team, you know how challenging it can be. And then, once you find the right people, you have to figure out the best and most effective ways to work together.

How to Build a Successful Event Marketing Team

67% of B2B event marketers think that event marketing is the most effective strategy. And having the right group of people in place will increase your chances for success. Here are five tips for building a successful event marketing team.

1. Find the right people from the start

Building a successful event marketing team is about more than finding the most talented people. It’s also about finding the right mix of people from the get-go.

Every organization has its own culture, and this is true for event teams as well. You should try to nurture a diverse yet cohesive culture within your team. The right mixture of characteristics is important for creating a positive team dynamic. Look for people with a variety of different skill sets and personality types. You will want creative types, and you will want people who can crunch the numbers.

Take attitudes and behavior into consideration too. Events are by their very nature unpredictable, and you need people who can adapt quickly and maintain a positive outlook. Even having one complainer can bring the entire team down.

Experience is important, but enthusiasm goes a long way in terms of reaching event goals. Look for those who are passionate about engaging with people and promoting the industry.

2. Build in streamlined team communication

Great communication is a must when you are putting together an event marketing team. If you and your staff aren’t communicating, chaos will ensue.

It is important that everyone in every role understands the bigger picture. What is the goal that your team is working toward? If your event marketing team has no vision, it will be impossible for anyone to succeed.

Have a dedicated method of communication that everyone is comfortable with. You will need a platform that can seamlessly go from the desktop to the field. Having technology that includes push notifications, especially for event day, will allow for more effective real time communication.

Develop all your plans and strategies as a team. This will ensure that you are taking advantage of the best ideas your group has to offer. Hold regular meetings leading up to the event. This will help reduce confusion and unify the team’s efforts. After all, it is only a matter of when — not if — your plans will change.

3. Stay organized

Events involve a lot of moving parts. No one should ever show up and wonder, “What should I do now?”

Everyone on the team needs to have a clearly defined role. They should know what they are responsible for and what you expect of them. Setting long term goals, and then short term milestones, can help ensure that everyone stays on track.

Develop a detailed event day staffing plan that outlines responsibilities and event needs. While some things need to be by the book, work and plan with the goal of empowering those on your team to make great real time decisions. This will be immensely valuable the day of the event, so you can trust your staff to make the right choices when it’s go time.

4. Encourage teamwork

No one person is responsible for the success or failure of the event marketing campaign. It takes a strong team of individuals working together with the bigger picture in mind.

Cultivate a strong team with good leadership. You need to help your team work together for the best possible outcomes. Make sure you communicate each person’s strengths with the entire group, so that each person can “own” their area of expertise. This will encourage collaboration and teamwork before, during, and after the event.

5. Show your team you appreciate them

Pulling off a successful event marketing campaign is far from a one-person job. You need each person on the team in order to be successful. But are you showing your staff how much you appreciate their hard work? Or do you have the tendency to focus only on what isn’t working?

A thank you can go a long way, especially one that is sincere and not necessarily expected. Constructive criticism will be necessary at times, but make sure you go about it in an uplifting way. After all, you already put in the work to find and recruit the right people for your team. They are likely going out of their way to make the event a success, so make sure you are acknowledging and showing appreciation for their efforts.

Look for opportunities to thank your team members when they do something right. Even something as small as a handwritten note can showcase how much you appreciate them. This will help you build good relationships and develop positive morale that will be evident throughout the marketing campaign.


Managing an event marketing team can be one of the most challenging aspects of your job. First, you have to manage the details of the event itself. And you have to manage the different personalities and preferences of your team members.

Keep the bigger picture in mind: you are all there to execute a successful event marketing campaign. By following the best practices listed above, you can manage a successful event marketing team and achieve your goals.

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