Top 10 Go-To Apps for Creative Event Businesses

Posted November 30, 2018 by National Event Staffing
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Apply these cool apps to your business life, and watch as it comes to life.

Apps have changed the way we work and live, making it easier to accomplish what we need to get done. There are many great ones out there, but they can be overwhelming to sift through. So I put together this quick list of my “Top 10” go-to apps for creative businesses.

Evernote: My No. 1 app is Evernote. It is essential for professionals on the go, as you can keep everything you need to access on every possible device all in one convenient place. I make notes and lists, clip articles I want to revisit later, store web pages I find useful, and have everything at my fingertips instantaneously. It’s great for compiling inspiration for various projects and staying organized.

Camtasia: This affordable software helps you record your screen–an invaluable tool if you produce webinars, instructional videos, presentations or video documentation. Do you often make PowerPoints for clients or colleagues? Camtasia will record them for you. You can build a content gold mine with this software. And don’t worry: It doesn’t require a background in video production or editing to make great products. Basic computing ability is all you need.

Canva: Face it: Not everyone is a graphics genius, but most of us aspire to having amazing images for marketing, emails, social media and proposals. In Canva, you can upload an image and make it look fabulous. There are templates and tools to help you customize your look. Minimal talent required, and excellent results practically guaranteed.

Jing from Techsmith: How often do you wish you could easily take a screenshot and add comments for your web designer? Jing from Techsmith allows you to do just that, for free!

PDF Filler: Signing contracts used to be such a pain, but no longer. This app stores your signature and securely signs PDFs electronically so you can quickly turn them around to providers, clients and partners.

Grammarly: Anyone who writes for a website, blog or print publication knows that polished work is essential … and really hard to produce. Grammarly helps keep you looking professional by editing your written work across a variety of platforms and alerting you to potential errors. With Grammarly, it’s much easier to make sure your final work is truly final.

Audacity: This is free software that enables you to create quality audio on your computer. You can develop content for courses and podcasts, and make your websites and blogs more accessible to all by offering an audio version of your information. Compatible with both Mac and PC computers, it requires no special skills.

Asana: Free project management for individuals and business alike. Create timelines, goals and to-do lists, then share them with your whole team. Keep everyone on the same page and highly organized by assigning tasks and sub-tasks. I’m confident you’ll love Asana.

Planoly: Social media can sap all of your time and make you a less productive business person, but is a necessary evil for marketing and branding. Planoly allows you to schedule your Instagram posts in advance and preview them so you know what they will look like in your feed. Teams can even work together, and guest comments can be managed within the app as well.

Wordswag: A phone-only app, Wordswag lets you make pretty graphics with a variety of fonts, backgrounds and colors, then post them to social media to engage your audience. As a bonus, it’s free!

These are the 10 business apps I could not live without. Take some time to try them yourself and let us know which ones you use on a daily basis!

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Article Source: Kylie Carlson is the owner of the International Academy of Wedding and Event Planning. With six locations globally, the academy boasts an internationally recognized accreditation program that brings professional training to wedding planners, designers and stylists.